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Free Rice is a site on which you can make a small difference in helping the poor by developing your vocabulary skills. What you do is simply click on the correct meaning of a given word. As you keep doing that, three advertisements display on the bottom of the site which pay for the rice. Every correct answer means 10 grains of rice.

This is one of the most ingenious and brilliant models of raising funds I have seen! Advertisers pay for impressions and users are the ones who make them by visiting and keeping on playing the vocabulary game. In the end this apparently means that roughly each time you make a correct answer you earn the site enough money to buy 10 grains of rice. Laughing out loud

Imagine doing this every time you have a meal, saying to yourself, well now I have had a good meal and let's now help somebody else who couldn't afford it have one too. You play the game until you accumulate enough rice grains to amount for a good meal. If 10 000 people do this every day, this basically means there is about 10 000 people in the poor world that are fed every day. Imagine what difference does it make if 10 million people do it!


Well, I eat rice nearly


Well, I eat rice nearly every day, and, although I never counted, think that it would take quite some time to answer enough questions to get a full meal together.
But still I really think that these guys had a great idea!