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Human, Transhuman, Posthuman: the Implications of Directed Human Evolution for Global Security

A very interesting paper on the effect of Nano-Bio-Info-Cogno (NBIC) technologies, empowering directed human evolution and transhumanism, on global security. These technologies seem inevitable and allow for powers yet unimaginable for human beings. However as of now most humans don't appear to be ready to handle such power. And this is mainly the problem this paper focuses on.

My own opinion is that the main problem is humans have outdated moral codes in their minds, which simply cannot be compatible with the kinds of technologies that are coming. If we do not update these moral codes human future is in question. We need to reject violence and coercion. Near the end of the paper it says the following:


Perhaps it will be possible to establish superordinate goals that promotes the development and diffusion of transhuman and NBIC technologies without the threat of a common enemy or the grasping for temporary advantage. Perhaps exploration, or a threat of catastrophic climate change, will lead to a global civilization. Perhaps the benefits of local nanotechnology can be spread far enough, fast enough, to make competition over resources a waste of effort. Perhaps we will evolve past the point of violence and zero-sum games.

Perhaps, but not likely. Just as we now carry within in the traces of our animal ancestors, posthumans—whether biological, or electronic, or some mix of the two—will carry us within them. There is no reason to assume an end to politics, or to concerns with security. Instead, threats will be more subtle, strategies more complex, and outcomes less definitive. The international system as it is will shape the ways in which NBIC technologies are developed and applied, before they have their chance to reshape the system.

The part in bold is exactly my goal despite the stated unlikelihood. I don't care about the odds, especially given that we're talking about a post-singularity future which is by definition nearly impossible to predict. I'm willing to place the bet. If we succeed in destroying the culture and mentality of violence it will be the greatest victory of all human time.