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'Open internet' rules criticised

Internet should never be regulated by the government and this is just the beginning of examples of all the ways it could go wrong.

From the article: "The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) wants rules to prevent providers blocking or slowing down bandwidth-heavy usage such as streaming video. Providers claim a two-tiered system is essential for the future vitality of the net. Mobile operators said any regulation would damage innovation."

Also: "Almost as soon as Mr Genachowski stepped off the podium, industry critics condemned the inclusion of wireless traffic in the new policy proposals.

"We are concerned the FCC appears ready to extend the entire array of net neutrality requirements to what is perhaps the most competitive consumer market in America - wireless services," said AT&T's Jim Cicconi.

"The internet in America has been a phenomenal success that has spawned technological and business innovation unmatched anywhere else in the world," said David Cohen, executive vice-president at Comcast.

"So it's still fair to ask whether increased regulation of the internet is a solution in search of a problem.""

Of course, this is from the mouth of someone working for some of the purported "bad guys", the AT&T, from the perspective of all those net neutrality advocates. Unfortunately, whatever problem they thought they have, the way they went to resolve it was tantamount to going to an even worse guy, a worse monopoly with a worse track record: the government. It's like sheep running into the wolf's teeth. Net neutrality movement is such an incredible sham.



libervisco wrote:

Net neutrality movement is such an incredible sham.

I completely agree. It's just another treason made by world governments these days...