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Open OEM

OpenOEM wants to build a 100% libre computer, both hardware and software!


It does seem a bit too


It does seem a bit too ambitious to me. Freedom is nice, but if it's not affordable, who's going to buy it? It needs mass-produced components to not be too expensive.

I would recommend starting with selling computers with as many free components as is affordable, and freeing more components with every generation. I think currently that would only be the CPU, soon the graphics card, and the rest will follow a little later.

Well actually, it's kind of

Well actually, it's kind of what I think too. If they're gonna make the whole new hardware themselves, that does seem a bit too ambitious maybe (well, who are we to say it's impossible, but from the current point of view, it's very hard).

My idea of a Free Software PC is simply using components which work well with it, but existing components.

If a current hardware company releases specs (at the least) and full drivers at the most (Free Software licensed of course) then I think the situation would be quite fine.

Example of this is Intel with its chipset. This is an example of heaven for us Free Software people. They actually hire people to write *Free Software* drivers for us. That's really the best I hope any hardware manufacturer would do at this point. If it makes our OS just works on their hardware I'm happy.

Excellent! It's good to see

Excellent! It's good to see this project developing. I'll look into it more.

Thanks for the link.