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Revolution March

Revolution March, organized for July 12 2008 in Washington DC is an event that may send shockwaves throughout the world, with the awoken voices of thousands saying that we are not giving up, that we will fight for our freedoms and against tyranical governments forming in what used to be a beacon of freedom, the USA, but unfortunately in Europe as well, as some fellow europeans know. Sad

Ron Paul may not be a savior, but he did manage to influence a huge amount of people, some of which formerly apathetic and feeling hopeless and helpless against the increasingly dystopian government, to wake up and get active. On July 12, tommorrow as of this writing, those people will march for freedom, and many more will cheer them on, like me, here from Croatia.

I suggest you also take a look at this incredibly powerful motivational video: youtube link, direct download.

Thank you.