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Safe in our cages

To all of the ignorant idiots of the UK, and sadly, the western world at large, will you celebrate the onset of what you've been, through your idiocracy and ignorance building? Huh?

Where are you now?

When is anyone going to realize that Orwell's "1984" is not science fiction anymore? Read this and celebrate... or weep, weep hard for letting your ignorance, stupidity and self-betrayal mark your contribution to the reality you're living in:

In the Queen's speech this autumn Gordon Brown's government will announce a scheme to institute a database of every telephone call, email, and act of online usage by every resident of the UK. It will propose that this information will be gathered, stored, and "made accessible" to the security and law enforcement agencies, local councils, and "other public bodies".

This fact should be in equal parts incredible and nauseating. It is certainly enraging and despicable. Not even George Orwell in his most febrile moments could have envisaged a world in which every citizen could be so thoroughly monitored every moment of the day, spied upon, eavesdropped, watched, tracked, followed by CCTV cameras, recorded and scrutinised. Our words and web searches, our messages and intimacies, are to be stored and made available to the police, the spooks, the local council – the local council! – and "other public bodies".

Yeah, now back to your meaningless routine. I'll let you know when people start getting shot in the back for sending a wrong email.