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Spam volumes at accidental-DoS levels

It's possible to get so much spam that just the number of SMTP connections to your server is a problem. Eek!

I would think the only thing left to do is to forget about email and start using something on a different port, something that uses whitelists (friends lists). Jabber?

I don't believe in the "pay per email" approach, cause spammers will simply let others pay, using botnets like they already do. Will people finally fix their security then? Of course not, they don't know how. Will MS do it for them? Of course not, they are unable. Will they switch to a more secure operating system? Well, if only they knew alternative operating systems exist! So the result is that people will either accept to be charged for email they didn't send, or will stop using email.



no banking


I think involving banking would be a hassle and create some potential for abuse (evil admins charging for something they disagree with, banks spying on you (you can host your own email server relatively easily, so this isn't a problem with email)).

Uh no paypal please! That

Uh no paypal please! That would just open a whole new can of worms. PayPal is not exactly known as the most reliable and ethical payment services (just most entrenched), and putting it into the center of things like this even more is even worse.

Besides, not everyone can have a paypal account. Not everyone can have a credit card and not everyone even has cents to spare for every single forum they wish to join.

Here is an interesting article on the anti-spam war:

Yea, I landed on the link I


Yea, I landed on the link I submitted from that article. It's not by far as scary as the link.

Fine, don't use paypal but something else that can communicate with your bank, and don't require payment for signing up but let signing up mean you have to pay $10 if you spam. (AND your forum account will be suspended when you do spam, AND you can't create a new one)

Ok, that sounds more

Ok, that sounds more acceptable. Make the spammers pay! Smiling

What if we have no choice


What if we have no choice but to abandon email, because the amount of spam will simply make it stop working completely? Could we use another way to confirm our identity?

Perhaps in the near future signing up for forums will require a small paypal payment. That would solve forum spam, and it would provide much better identity information than an email address that could be owned by anyone.

Tell this to all those

Tell this to all those hackers/geeks who still swear by mailing lists being the best way to have a discussion. I get a massive amount of email just from these mailing lists and yet the most of these messages I never read before deleting. If I would read it, I could waste hours on it. If I save for later, when exactly would I read it?

It doesn't work. I don't get why people don't like forums because they are clearly superior. If you want it private it's an easy thing to do with forums. It is also easier to control and it is much more readable and flexible.

But ok, that's only marginally relevant to this topic. I guess what I'm saying is that if we are to start moving away from email, one of the first kinds of people who should start are these Free Software people who're still addicted to mailing lists.

Even then though I doubt we'll be able to cut email completely. It is necessary for confirming registrations and you just have to offer it as a contact option available for everyone. But, at least I guess we can cut its use to the minimum.