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Surveillance Self-Defense

Electronic Frontier Foundation has established a Surveillance Self-Defense site at which appears to be a rather complete resource on how to legitimately defend yourself from government (and other) surveillance. I found this from this article which among other things also points out why this isn't just something for those who have something to hide. Quoting:

So why worry about surveillance, if you are honest? As the Miranda saying goes, anything can be used against you in a court of law. Law enforcement’s job is to come up with things to use against you, and the most innocent bits of data, combined together in ways you might not expect, can paint the most honest, innocent person as a criminal. Someday you could find yourself on trial for a crime you never committed, for instance, or you could be detained for hours every time you try to board an airplane or cross the border.

So we shouldn't fool ourselves. You have a right to privacy, even privacy from government (and I could especially argue privacy from government since, whatever your beliefs with regards to government are, it is hard to deny it is one of the most corruptible kinds of organizations out there) and even if you have nothing to hide..