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The next frontier: 'Seasteading' the oceans

An article about a new movement (and an institute to go with it) of seasteading, that is, homesteading the high seas as the new frontier of colonization. It would allow those who long for independence of the current governments to break free and build sea based societies of their own.

Being forward looking and ambitious I think of seasteading as no more impossible than building space stations in Earth's orbit or even colonizing Moon, Mars and beyond. Just because it hasn't successfully been done just yet doesn't mean it cannot be done, naysayers be damned.


It's linked in the article

It's linked in the article linked with the title above, but the direct site is here: Seasteading Institute.

I am hoping to move to New Hampshire within a few years, especially if it secedes (not as impossible as it sounds, they're passing a legislation that's basically drawing a line in the sand with regards to federal government's involvement and restrictions and threatening complete secession should any further unconstitutional intrusions be done).

Anyway, the reason I'm saying this is because I've got rather big ambitions. I could seastead on the ocean in front of the NH seacoast at first, but a really big idea is buying a big ship and making it into a launch platform for rockets and starting a space business, first space tourism and then more.. like building a modular mobile space station in orbit whole or part of which can in the future move to Venus or Mars to colonize it (cloud based colony on Venus or dome on Mars). I guess it's a big dream, sounds barely realistic, but... nothing is impossible and imagining is the first step towards realizing. But everything starts small. Smiling


Seasteading the oceans


I am sure Jaques Fresco would be able to design the new city for them. I would be all for it as long as I could bring my dog with me!
Seriously though, lets go. Can you point me to this new movement.