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The Real Meaning of GNU GPLv3

This article reveals a meaning of the new GPLv3 that has apparently been overlooked, greater sensitivity in strategy and much greater recognizability and influence.

I would've featured it as "featured news", but I was late to read it from my bookmarks, hence I'm bookmarking it publically here.



Excellent. Eben Moglens


Excellent. Eben Moglens words in particular strike a chord with me:


The fundamental improvement being reached here is an improvement in the technology of self-government. An improvement in the technology of human freedom through the substitution of words and ideas for force. An improvement of the substitution of community values for the single minded pursuit of individual or aggregate profit at the expense of any other competitor that might get in the way. We have refashioned what competition and cooperation mean, as we have refashioned how production occurs in the digital economy.

GPL - The Great Leveling.