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Video of Airplane Laser Hitting Truck!

From the end of the article: "Laser sniping from an airplane is a scary prospect. With robotic weapons, you worry about removing humans from the decision to kill someone. With laser weapons, you worry about accountability. Long range and completely silent, a laser strike could kill a person and would probably not be recognized as an attack by those around him or her.

As armed conflicts evolve, modern militaries seem focused on selective and effective targeting. That is, they want to know who to kill and they want to hit just that person whereever they may be. Improved sensing, computer enhanced decision making, and tactical lasers seem poised to deliver that military goal. I have mixed feelings about the capability. Certainly you could save lives if the only people killed in a war were combatants, but distancing humans from the death they cause seems unlikely to improve moral decision making. As cool as the ATL is, it is still uncertain if it bodes well or ill for the future of warfare. And I sort of feel sorry for the truck."

This is a yet another example of dangers poised by new advanced technologies if they are not used in a responsible way. The trouble is that defining "responsible" is a challenge in itself. Those who believe in the necessity of wars are likely to have a quite different vision of "responsible use" than those who are against all violence. This is a problem and it's seriousness is increasing as the technology is advancing.