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What Our Top Spy Doesn't Get: Security and Privacy Aren't Opposites

Bruce Schneier explains security and privacy are the same. Very insightful.


I know, there are so many


I know, there are so many reasons to want to escape, but ultimately I believe in curing ills and becoming part of the solution.

I also have this little devil on my shoulder that wants to go further and punish those wrongdoers who have been making so many peoples lives worse. This feels like having a little bit of evil inside that would gain some gratification from inflicting pain on a perceived enemy. I think it is just part of our ancient natural survival mechanism - in response to danger we have a "fight or flight" response.

Of course I can rise above that impulse and act based on higher ethics, unlike an agent in the monkeysphere hypothesis.

Great article indeed. Well

Great article indeed. Well commented democrates. This is just scary.. we are far from seeing enough articles of this kind on the web and in the media, yet the armada against privacy and liberties in the name of security is progressing...

USA may be the first, but as acknowledged before EU isn't isolated here. I joked today with my sister that I'll move to Belize or some offshore country (yes, the silly ideas came from that recent research on offshore business registration, idea that I eventually mostly dropped), but seeing the direction things are going, moving away from this mess into such more isolated areas of Earth doesn't seem so silly anymore..

The three of us live in Eurasia. The author of that article speaks of Oceania. Who read 1984 knows there's not much of a difference between the two. I want to be in neither.

Good article. The phrase


Good article. The phrase "Identity Theft" popped into my head by the end of the first page.

Under the pretence of increasing security, government and business are chomping at the bit to ramp up proliferation of identity information, increasing risk. That of course will give them a much greater excuse to "police the internet" and create new rules and regulations, the net effect of which will be barriers to entry, added protection for the encumbents who bankroll political campaigns.

It all just looks like another front in the same old class war.