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What You Can't Say

an insightful essay about internal freedom of speech



The article about what you


The article about what you can't say is good.
However, I would like to add an example of what you can't say
in the context of political correctness.
That, too, is something which depends on circumstances, hence, it's not
depending on fashion, really. It goes much deeper.
Political correctness policies applied to certain countries or happenings
are always decided by a government or even by the UNO, usually, in a department for foreign relations.
Here the example: And, please, mind I will not quote any names, although, I could.

A friend worked for a foreign university as lecturer.
He was sent by a special prominent institution of his native country to do this job.

From time to time he was asked to hand in reports about happenings at the university
or the country in which he was teaching anthropology as well as literature of his native tongue.

He delivered a couple of critical essays which were perceived as negative at the other end.

They made him understand that the news he had sent on were not politically correct.

Under no circumstances could such truth be published.

Where is liberty of speech an writing?
Don't we all have the right to know true facts?
Facts which can be given by examples with testimonies?

If you knew what institution and what countries were involved your hairs would stand up.
You would not believe it.
However, I can't reveal this because, I would betray the action of the lecturer and I wouldn't
act politically correct.

You can write to me using the contact button in my homepage holiday home in Tenerife insider
if you wish.

"A propos" my homepage I couldn't say everything I wanted in this website, either.
First reason is that it wouldn't be politically correct and there is a 2nd reason I don't want to go into now.

Therefore, I prefer not to use my full liberty and freedom of speech and simply keep silent on some subjects.
Somebody, once, wrote a critical book on the biggest of all Canary Islands which is said to have been good.
The man had a strange accident and his book never really got around.
Don't ask about proof of any crime in this context. There can't be any.
2nd thoughts on political correctness should have priority before speaking up
for our own good, always, unfortunately.

Please, excuse any strange expressions or mistakes in these lines of mine. I am not a native English speaker.