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Good guys or not is the Operation Payback really helping the cause of freedom on the internet or just giving bad guys an excuse to try and kill anonymity in the name of cyber-security?

Science fiction often portrays dystopian scenarios of the future, often involving repression of the human race by machines. In this article I argue that taking these warnings seriously might not be a bad idea. Science fiction reflects a lot of the mentality of its makers and society in general, and often builds and comments on existing societal issues.

The basic principles of a transhumanist individualists. Everyone who can identify as such should check this out and spread the word.

A response to calls for government regulation as the means of "solving" the problem of a wireless oligopoly. You cannot solve a problem with the same tactic that created it.

The Human Wildcard

One of the defining qualities of human beings is the urge and the ability to transcend past limitations through self-directed action. This essentially makes a definition of human beings a moving target. This is our wildcard, and it represents our greatest potential and greatest curse.