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PlayStation Move and Xbox Kinect are just a basic intermediary step towards the real deal: "holoband" technology that literally puts you into the virtual world.

Virtual World Ethics

As various forms of virtual worlds become more and more prevalent a question of ethical behavior within them becomes more and more important. This article analyzes the issue and sets up a framework.

In this article I explore some suggested limits to exponential growth of technology and show why hard limits probably don't exist.

Increased popularity of digital socializing to the seeming detriment of physical socializing has some concerned. On the other hand, it is just a symptom of an ongoing gradual merger of human and technological. Becoming dependent on a yet another new technology to change the way we do something? We've done that so many times before.

A response to the outrage over Apple's restrictive policies and desire to control the user experience. The point is that if this was really so unacceptable Apple couldn't be able to get away with it so easily. The fact that so many people buy Apple's products despite these concerns is what keeps Apple doing what it's doing. If you don't want to be "owned" by Apple, don't buy from them.