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In this article I explain why I think a popular perception of technology as at odds with nature is false.

This article quite vividly illustrates why I believe that powerful nano-info-bio-cogno (NBIC) technologies in combination with a primitive mentality which finds violence acceptable and desirable as means of solving problems can result in destruction of a scale we're yet to witness.

I truly hope that we can, somehow, limit the destructive uses of such technologies and in the mean time help human beings evolve mentally and morally beyond this quite pathetic level. is an innovative and unique project since it does not distribute music files but it acts as a middleman among those who are willing to share their music - by enabling other Internet users to listen to it.
People having a particular piece of music on their hard disk can broadcast it to only one listener at a time, and it cannot be copied by saving to the disk of another user.

"In a controversial move, the European Union has given £ 10 million in funding to Project Indect, a wide ranging five year plan to bring passive and active monitoring to almost every aspect of public life in the EU.

Singularity Hub

Singularity Hub looks like a very good resource for the latest in futuristic advanced technology. As its slogan says; "The Future Is Here Today...Robotics, Genetics, AI, Longevity, Stem Cells..."