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An article about a new movement (and an institute to go with it) of seasteading, that is, homesteading the high seas as the new frontier of colonization. It would allow those who long for independence of the current governments to break free and build sea based societies of their own.

Being forward looking and ambitious I think of seasteading as no more impossible than building space stations in Earth's orbit or even colonizing Moon, Mars and beyond. Just because it hasn't successfully been done just yet doesn't mean it cannot be done, naysayers be damned.

When an author signs a publication contract, insofar as it contains strict and traditional copyright notices, he is pretty much signing his life away. It used to be that the publisher would maintain control only so long as the book is in print. Today, with digital printing, this means forever: your lifetime plus 70 years.

Morgan Webb brings an overview of three very interesting TED talks, about aging prevention or life extension, technological transformation of humanity (Kurzweil's singularity) and regrowing of body parts. She also links to the full talks at

Our economy is being hit hard by the failure of the banking system on many levels. What can we do about it?

Liberation by Internet

An excellent article about the power of internet as means of attaining more liberty. It helped end the Soviet Union and continues to help liberate people from oppression of big governments, while being far more efficient than government's methods of controlling it.