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An excellent article about GNU/Linux and Freedomware from a libertarian perspective (which I personally share).

A great excerpt:

Daniel Coleman wrote:

Safe in our cages

To all of the ignorant idiots of the UK, and sadly, the western world at large, will you celebrate the onset of what you've been, through your idiocracy and ignorance building? Huh?

Where are you now?

When is anyone going to realize that Orwell's "1984" is not science fiction anymore? Read this and celebrate... or weep, weep hard for letting your ignorance, stupidity and self-betrayal mark your contribution to the reality you're living in:

Jono Bacon who is an Ubuntu Community Manager at Canonical announced a rather brilliant idea, to replace the "example-content" on Ubuntu live CDs and default installations with an Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase, a set of chosen content that is given under terms of Creative Commons Attribution - ShareAlike. This way they can both show what can be done with Ubuntu, as with the "example-content" folder and promote Free Culture.

There is apparently a club in Berlin, called Breipott which plays only music offered under terms of one of the Creative Commons licenses and including only licenses which fit the definition of free as in freedom software (so basically, the four freedoms).

They've just had a party on July 25 celebrating "the adaption of the latest CC-BY-SA (version 3.0) to the German jurisdiction".

Cool stuff.

A libertarian radio talk show and podcast, Free Talk Live featured an interview with Cory Doctorow, a science fiction writer, founder of BoingBoing and a fellow of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, mainly about his new book called Little Brother which one of the co-hosts of the show calls the most important book in his life. Smiling