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Revolution March

Revolution March, organized for July 12 2008 in Washington DC is an event that may send shockwaves throughout the world, with the awoken voices of thousands saying that we are not giving up, that we will fight for our freedoms and against tyranical governments forming in what used to be a beacon of freedom, the USA, but unfortunately in Europe as well, as some fellow europeans know. Sad

An Open Source unconference that aims at creating a platform for discussing FOSS and Mobile Technologies in India. The unconference isbeing organised as a part of the International Conference on Communication, Convergence and Broadband Networking.
Come and Join us on 19th July 2008 and be a part of a phenomenon that is changing FOSS and India at the Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru.

Visit: OSSCamp Bengaluru Mobile! 2008

This is just another example of some of the threats we are facing as already quite oppressive governments who let their power be heavily abused by corporate interests increasingly turn to the use of technology to regulate everything we do, against our freedom.

When they start using technological locks, just civil disobedience wont do. The only way to fight back against technological locks is by technological means. This is one case where Freedomware plays a crucial role, not so much because "copyleft" licenses state you have certain rights, but because it usually comes with source code.

What You Can't Say

an insightful essay about internal freedom of speech

While this is not directly technology related it is quite alarming for our freedoms. I wouldn't say I believe every word in this article, but it is still quite intriguing and I do believe that the EU can hardly lead to good. I wouldn't be at all surprised if we soon find that the EU is de facto becoming a single state, as United States of Europe.