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Someone accidentally posted this link in an IRC channel and since I was curious I checked it out. It's a pretty nice and functional map of freedom in the world, mapping countries in three categories: not free, partly free and free.

From a quick survey of the map it looks like the half of the world, and counting such highly populated places like China, even more than half live without essential freedoms, which is quite sad.

An excellent article about how digital technology allowed whole industries to evolve around providing their content and services for zero cost to the user. The sidebar features are also quite potentially useful.

I would also like to point out to a critique as well as an excellent comment to one of the posts the critique post linked which was aptly titled: "Incredible stupidity relating to online free".

I recommend viewing this talk (you can do it directly if you have flash, or install miro and add a TED channel to it which is a better option Eye ). It talks about things like Prisoners Dilemma and how people are increasingly escaping it by cooperating, by turning distrust into assurance.