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"The latest iPods have a cryptographic "checksum" in their song databases that prevents third-party applications from synching with the portable music players. This means that iPods can no longer be used with operating systems where iTunes doesn't exist -- like Linux, where gtkpod and Amarok are common free tools used by iPod owners to load their players.

Notice that this has nothing to do with piracy -- this is about Apple limiting the choices available to people who buy their iPod hardware." -- Read more

It's easy to love Apple. They still often appear as an innovative, cool and exciting company with an amazing history, but under this beautiful face, it appears that what we have is not much different than Microsoft. If they continue like this, I wouldn't be surprised (and would actually support the idea) of an antitrust case against them.

"In it's oh-so objective report Gizmodo writes: "It was bound to happen. It seems that a guy called Trujillo has been the first to file a class-action suit against Apple and AT&T because of the iPhone. The reason? You guessed it—it's the battery." calling you to read "all about this dumbtastically stupid lawsuit, including the entire complaint text, after the jump."

"The reason why this Gizmodo blogger apparently believes that this is a stupid and baseless lawsuit worth some offensive name calling is what pretty much amounts to his opinion on how relevant or truthful one of Trujillo's complaints are.

FSF has just released an article which points to the two significant launches that are happening today, June 29, the launch of Apple's iPhone and FSF's GPLv3 (which will happen, along with a live stream of Richard Stallman's announcement at noon EDT, 4 PM UTC or 6 PM CEST) asserting that Mac OS X running within iPhone might contain GPLed code. If iPhone contains DRM which disallows modifications of software that is running on it and yet contains code which may be under the GPLv3, Apple may be in violation.

""The time of suing John Doe is over," says Hank Risan, ceo of DRM (Digital Restrictions Management) consumer control firm Media Rights Technologies (MRT).

Apple and Microsoft are violating the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and intellectual property law, he says.

MRT and subsidiary, an online radio service, have fired Cease and Desist letters at Apple, Bill and the Boyz and other companies which, it says, stop users from ripping digital media streams."

"It's issued the C&D notices to Microsoft, Adobe, Real Networks and Apple "with respect to the production or sale of such products as the Vista OS, Adobe Flash Player, Real Player, Apple iTunes and iPod"." -- Read more

Here's something to chill us out after feeling all celebratory after the April 2 featured news. Charlie Demerjian of The Inquirer says:

"YOU ALL FELL for it, the easiest PR trick in the book, Apple, EMI and DRM. It really saddens me that not a single media outlet or reader picked up on it, they played you like a drum. Bad reader, no cookie. Bad media outlets, no cookie and a beating about the head and neck with a medium sized cod."

Charlie further explains: