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In the name of the BadVista campaign, activists from have organized a boycott of the Vista promotional event in Boston. In the words of Ringo Kamens, "on April 7th, 2007 Activists from BinaryFreedom and BadVista crashed a Vista promotional party in Boston. $10 in stickers were distributed, 55 gnewsense CDs were given out, and 100 of our flyers ended up around town on lightposts or people. Microsoft wasn't able to pitch their product because people at the lecture knew the truth! They said no to proprietary software! Thanks to everybody who showed up."


"It's March 1 and that means it's the month for NOT buying anything put out by the people who pay for the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) or any of the other Big 4 alphabet sue 'em all organizations around the world.

Gizmodo proposed March as Boycott the RIAA month, and it's a great idea.

EMI (Britain), Vivendi Universal (France), Sony BMG (Japan and Germany) and Warner Music (US) are still suffering under the delusion that we need them, figuring they can get away unscathed as they try to sue us into buying their over-priced, low-quality downloads.." -- Read more