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Now here's an article that got me hooked up quite a bit. In a sense it is a side of things that I never really thought about. Read it at the Reg:

"We're continually being told the Internet empowers the individual. But speaking as an individual creative worker myself, I'd argue that all this Utopian revolution has achieved so far in my sector is to disempower individuals, strengthen the hand of multinational businesses, and decrease the pool of information available to audiences. All things that the technolo

P2PNet features an astonishing story about the loss of many things that have in the past characterized the free country we once knew as America. In the wake of the digital age, rather than embracing and capitalizing on its promises, USA and its former character of freedom is being locked down.


"Last week, the President signed into law, legislation that formally eliminates the American concept of Habeas Corpus. Somewhere, sometime, between the time Congress voted to legislate the Military Commissions Act of October 17, 2006, and the government signed it, the wording of that law changed.