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Having a "Wow moment" with Windows Vista? Bill Gates invites you to share them on Monday January 29th at the Vista launch event.

FSF's DefectiveByDesign and BadVista campaigns plan to be there outside the event and they invite you to come along as well.
According to the email announcement sent to the mailing list, " and are organizing events to coincide with Microsoft's launch of the Vista Operating System in New York City on Monday, January 29th at 11am and 2pm in Times Square and further east near Grand Central Station" to "share some “Wow moments,“ with Bill Gates and other invited guests."

Today is D-D-Day

"Today is D-D-Day - Defeating DRM Day - and Defective By Design is suggesting anyone who wants to see an end to Big Business DRM Consumer Control has 10 things they can do to help make that happen." -- Read more

"The application under discussion is FairUse4WM from Viodentia and according to Microsoft, the former, "illegally obtained propriety source code to produce the program called FairUse4WM, sparking fears it could enable consumers to illegally copy digital content," states the story.

But Viodentia is uncowed and unbowed and told Engadget he's "utterly shocked" by the allegation.

"I didn't use any Microsoft source code," the story has him saying. "However, I believe that this lawsuit is a fishing expedition to get identity information, which can then be used to either bring more targeted lawsuits, or to cause other trouble."" -- Read more