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"DRM hasn't worked, doesn't work, and never will work, as just about everyone who isn't joined at the hip to the corporate entertainment or software cartels has been saying ever since it first reared its ugly head.

For one thing, anything which can be seen or heard can be copied. That's self-evident. For another, no one but an idiot will ever buy into cartel claims that when you spend good money on a CD or DVD, you're not actually buying it; you're only licensing it for very specific uses.

Then EMI dropped DRM.

Results? Positive, from all appearances.

Speaking at a US music industry event, "The initial results of DRM-free music are good," Macworld UK has EMI vp Lauren Berkowitz declaring." -- Read more

Here's something to chill us out after feeling all celebratory after the April 2 featured news. Charlie Demerjian of The Inquirer says:

"YOU ALL FELL for it, the easiest PR trick in the book, Apple, EMI and DRM. It really saddens me that not a single media outlet or reader picked up on it, they played you like a drum. Bad reader, no cookie. Bad media outlets, no cookie and a beating about the head and neck with a medium sized cod."

Charlie further explains:


This definitely looks like a step in the right direction and may have twofold positive effects; it will encourage others to follow suit and it will give people a chance to prove that DRM-free can sell just as good if not better than DRM encumbered music, hence contributing to completely getting rid of DRM in the future.

"EMI Group will soon sell digital music with better sound quality and no digital rights management restrictions through Apple's iTunes Store.

iTunes will begin offering EMI's entire music catalog in premium DRM-free form in May, the music label said at a press conference Monday.