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free software

The Free Software Foundation, although with a bit of a delay, responds to Microsoft's claims regarding the GPLv3 with a decisive tone:

"Microsoft has said that it expects respect for its so-called "intellectual property"--a propaganda term designed to confuse patent law with copyright and other unrelated laws, and to muddy the different issues they raise. We will ensure--and, to the extent of our resources, assist other GPLv3 licensors in ensuring--that Microsoft respects our copyrights and complies with our licenses." -- Read more

"On September 15, 2007 free software activists around the world will engage in autonomous and de-centralized actions for Free Software on Software Freedom Day. I encourage you to check out and find a group near you. If you can't help your group or there is none, do something. This can be five minutes in a best buy educating users about the dangers of the Vista computer they are about to buy or it can be making a donation to any number of Free Software projects or organizations. If you are in Boston, Binary Freedom is hosting an event and needs your help." --

"It has been said there is no such thing as a 'true' Free Software business. Blue GNU interviewed the Ada Core Technologies team to learn about the company that has been a 'true' Free Software business for over 20 years. Ada Core is one of a few businesses listed as such by the Free Software Foundation/GNU Project." -- Read more

"Blue GNU interviewed Gustavo Narea and Olivier Cleynen of GNU/Linux Matters, the organization behind GetGNU/"

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Steven J. Vaughan Nichols writes: "Dell and Ubuntu fired the first shots. Together, they delivered the first mainstream consumer Linux desktops and laptops. Then, on Aug. 6, Novell and Lenovo blew open the business laptop market with the first regular listing of a Linux-powered business desktop, the T-series ThinkPads with SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop. Then, just to underline the point that we're seeing a Linux desktop revolution, Dell announced that it too would be offering SLED on business systems. In Dell's case, the company will start by offering SLED in China.

Anyone out there still think that the Linux desktop will never make it? If so, wake up and smell the coffee." -- Read more.