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"As GNU/Linux becomes more popular, the motives behind its inceptions are often forgotten. Linux is a free operating system, but its broadening userbase perceives this freedom as pertaining to cost, not rights and liberty. It's important to step back and remind ourselves of the purpose and importance of distributions which try to make a difference, sometimes at the cost of ease of installation and use."

"To sum up, betting one's business on a Linux distribution that is truly Free is a case of controlling one's own destination, direction- and expense-wise. The inconveniences encountered initially, while getting accustomed to a simplified and stripped-down version of Linux, are short-lived.

Excuse a rather extreme contrast painted by the title as I point you to quite an interesting article on Free Software Magazine about recent events regarding the deal between Novell and Microsoft and how it relates to the Free Software community. The contrast is put between a 100% Free Software distribution which has had it's first major release under FSF's sponsorship, gNewSense, and our latest apparent sell out, Novell.
On a related note, RedHat has already had its say on this controversial deal and has quite provocatively stated that they will be here in one year and Novell will not.