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"Creative Commons (CC) cares about licensing. It has drafted and shared its own suite of licenses for artistic works catering to a wide range of needs, advocated license awareness, and contributed to projects that make both finding and publishing CC-licensed works simpler. Now it is seeking to make licensing enlightenment an everyday part of desktop computer usage with liblicense."

"CC Community Developer Jon Phillips and liblicense maintainer Asheesh Laroia describe the goal of the project as adding license assignment to the "pre-flight check" users perform when creating any sort of document.

"As we are seeing, some projects have already moved to version 3, while others are holding back. Nonetheless, version 3 is the latest version, and as such in some sense the “official” GPL. So when users are confronted with software that uses earlier versions, they may well wonder why that is – unaware of, and probably indifferent to, the detailed legal arguments. Instead, many will see it in black and white terms: that version 3 is an update to version 2, and therefore the new standard." -- Read more

This is interesting as it may provide some fuel to those who argue against FSF's licensing strategy. If people don't read the license and rather just accept it for granted as the new standard this gives FSF quite a bit of leverage as the dominant license provider to dictate the conditions under which the majority of Free Software will be used and distributed.