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"As GNU/Linux becomes more popular, the motives behind its inceptions are often forgotten. Linux is a free operating system, but its broadening userbase perceives this freedom as pertaining to cost, not rights and liberty. It's important to step back and remind ourselves of the purpose and importance of distributions which try to make a difference, sometimes at the cost of ease of installation and use."

"To sum up, betting one's business on a Linux distribution that is truly Free is a case of controlling one's own destination, direction- and expense-wise. The inconveniences encountered initially, while getting accustomed to a simplified and stripped-down version of Linux, are short-lived.

Coming pre-installed on computers people buy is possibly the best way an operating system can grow its adoption and it is increasingly happening for GNU/Linux. To promote this trend and point to some of the best places one can get a GNU/Linux computer from, GNU/Linux Matters non-profit launched Digg here.


The GNU/Linux Matters, a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of Free Software to the masses and the authors of the notable web site have launched a one month fund drive with a goal of raising enough money to cover the costs of one year.

Overall the costs aren't that big considering their ambitious goals. If 245 people donate only 10 euros this fund drive will be a 100% success. Indeed, we are cheering on them and inviting you to help keep them going. Read their appeal here and visit the "keep us going" page here which has all the info you may need including the run down of costs, some questions answered and various ways of helping.

In an interesting take on recent announcement coming from the Linux Foundation, Sam Varghese writes:

"On April 1 this year, I wrote a spoof headlined "Ballmer joins Linux Foundation board." Considering the statements that were reported last week as emanating from the executive director of the same foundation, Jim Zemlin, I wonder if my tale will still be considered a spoof after a few years."

"Judging from the CV available on the Linux Foundation website, Zemlin, clearly, has had no touch with open source apart from various marketing roles. It is claimed that he is "widely quoted in the press on open source and commercial software trends..."" -- Read more

"Blue GNU interviewed Gustavo Narea and Olivier Cleynen of GNU/Linux Matters, the organization behind GetGNU/"

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