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An article that has recently been published by the Fortune magazine and through called "Microsoft takes on the free world" is one I would regard as historic. In three pages it clearly and honestly describes what is happening between Microsoft and the Free Software movement revealing certain points which are rarely seen in the mainstream media. After reading the article one can't be too confident that Microsoft will succeed, which inspires confidence to the opposite; that the Free Software revolution is imminent.

""The time of suing John Doe is over," says Hank Risan, ceo of DRM (Digital Restrictions Management) consumer control firm Media Rights Technologies (MRT).

Apple and Microsoft are violating the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and intellectual property law, he says.

MRT and subsidiary, an online radio service, have fired Cease and Desist letters at Apple, Bill and the Boyz and other companies which, it says, stop users from ripping digital media streams."

"It's issued the C&D notices to Microsoft, Adobe, Real Networks and Apple "with respect to the production or sale of such products as the Vista OS, Adobe Flash Player, Real Player, Apple iTunes and iPod"." -- Read more

"Microsoft said on Monday Dell had joined a business collaboration it had with Novell to allow open-source Linux software to work with Windows.

The move makes Dell the first major systems provider to join the Microsoft-Novell collaboration, which consists of a broad set of business and technological agreements to make their products work together better to serve corporate customers using both Linux and Windows computer servers." -- Read more

All around this isn't too surprising. Microsoft's windows ship is sinking and they want their fingers on the next big thing: GNU/Linux. At the same time they have some "interoperability" leverage with EU and some patent FUD reserves. In any case, meddling with the GNU/Linux affairs is quite lucrative for MS right now.

"Microsoft addicted many of the first billion users to its proprietary platform using the ruse of encouraging software piracy in developing nations. Now the software giant intends to hook the next billion users by providing a cheap hit of $3 software. These are the claims of a longstanding open source advocate, who has started a campaign urging third world governments to reject Microsoft's offer of cheap software." -- Read more

All well said and worth reminding off. Microsoft is like a worlds biggest drug dealer, and we know what drugs do to people.


"With two overlapping events, Microsoft admitted what we have been saying all along, Vista, aka Windows Me Two (Me II), is a joke that no one wants.

It did two unprecedented things this week that frankly stunned us."

"These two actions by Microsoft are proof of what I suggested three years ago. Microsoft has lost its ability to twist arms, and now it is going to die. It can't compete on level ground, so is left with backpedalling and discounts of almost 100 times.

What we are seeing is an unprecedented shift of power. It is also an unprecedented admission of failure. And the funniest part about the moves made? They are the wrong things to do. Microsoft is in deep trouble. µ" -- Read more