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net neutrality

"Technologists must involve themselves in policy making or risk losing a free Internet.

This was the warning provided by Creative Commons founder Lawrence Lessig, talking last night at an Internet Society of South Africa meeting in Cape Town.

Lessig, who is best known as the originator of the alternative Creative Commons licensing schema, predicted that the Internet would suffer a 9/11-type disaster in the future which will change the way the Internet functions.

"This probably won't have anything to do with Al Qaeda," he said. But it will be enough for governments to clamp down on the freedom of the Internet, he said. "They will say the Internet experiment didn't work," and put Internet restrictions and controls in place." -- Read more

" news:- R.E.M., Death Cab for Cutie, Boots Riley of The Coup and other musicians and independent record labels are joining a nationwide campaign to recruit artists to support Rock the Net for net neutrality, being organised by the Future of Music Coalition..

More than two-dozen founding members of Rock the Net, including Canada's Sarah McLachlan and the Barenaked Ladies, will tomorrow launch a web site to allow other musicians, independent record labels and music fans to sign on and take action to support net neutrality, says

"The United States Congress is currently drafting a bill known as the Communications Opportunity, Promotion, and Efficiency Act of 2006 that would revise and update the 1996 Telecommunications Act. Currently phone and cable lobbyists who own the broadband networks, such as those from AT&T and BellSouth, are calling on the federal government to permit them to operate Internet and other digital communications services as private networks. The bill as it now stands states that certain classes of Internet providers "may not unreasonably" impair, interfere, restrict or limit applications or services, such as Web sites or voice-over-IP phone connections."
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"The Supreme Court and your local telephone company have decided to hose everyone on the Internet. Meanwhile, Congress is trying to figure out how to stop it. Where's the media? Hey, WAKE UP!"

"Last week, Andy Oram, Uber Editor for O'Reilly wrote an article for us called Network Neutrality and an Internet with Vision. He got 1207 page views and five votes at The most important issue of the day and nobody knows or cares what's happening."
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