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"The British Library is continuing its campaign against the threat of digital rights management (DRM) technology to the management of UK cultural data.

The organisation used the opening of the Labour Party Conference to launch an Intellectual Property (IP) Manifesto, highlighting the threat posed to the current copyright rules enjoyed by libraries. The British Library is tackling the undefined nature of IP rights in the digital age, as embodied in UK law, with DRM implementations being increasingly unforgiving for libraries and public bodies." -- Read more

Note: The above is a quote. We however believe that the term "intellectual property" is highly misleading because it lumps three types of laws which don't have as much in common as the term may imply (copyright, trademark and patents). The term also implies that property can be intellectual, which we do not believe is true. All th

Cuts allows anyone to remix copyright content legally," Cuts Inc states unequivocally on its site. "You bring the video - we bring the edits."

With that in mind, it's currently offering a free beta of an application it promises, "is going to change the way people watch videos" -- Read more

The Free Software Foundation has published a draft for the GNU Free Documentation License, version 2, and the new GNU Simple Free Documentation License. -- Read more

"Think DRM was bad already? Think I was joking when I said the plan was to start with barely tolerable incursions on your rights, then turn the thumbscrews? Welcome to Windows Media Player 11, and the rights get chipped away a lot more. Get used to the feeling, if you buy DRM infected media, you will only have this happen with increasing rapidity.

One of the problems with WiMP11 is licensing and backing it up. If you buy media with DRM infections, you can't move the files from PC to PC, or at least you can't and have them play on the new box. If you want the grand privilege of moving that content, you need to get the approval of the content mafia, sign your life away, and use the tools they give you. If you want to do it in other ways, you are either a lawbreaker or following the advice of J Allard. Wait, same thing. -- Read more!

"Richard Stallman doesn't think it's okay to use proprietary software to make free software popular.

He doesn’t have a cell phone. He doesn’t use anything but free software. He hardly watches movies on DVDs. Free software advocate Richard Stallman is so uncompromising he refers to digital rights management as digital “restrictions” management.

As the founder of the Free Software Foundation and the author of the widely used GNU Public License, Mr. Stallman is not just a huge proponent of free software, he opposes what he sees as any kind of restriction on intellectual freedom. Owning a cell phone is giving into being monitored by mobile phone companies, he argues."" -- Read the interview