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"With two overlapping events, Microsoft admitted what we have been saying all along, Vista, aka Windows Me Two (Me II), is a joke that no one wants.

It did two unprecedented things this week that frankly stunned us."

"These two actions by Microsoft are proof of what I suggested three years ago. Microsoft has lost its ability to twist arms, and now it is going to die. It can't compete on level ground, so is left with backpedalling and discounts of almost 100 times.

What we are seeing is an unprecedented shift of power. It is also an unprecedented admission of failure. And the funniest part about the moves made? They are the wrong things to do. Microsoft is in deep trouble. µ" -- Read more

In the name of the BadVista campaign, activists from have organized a boycott of the Vista promotional event in Boston. In the words of Ringo Kamens, "on April 7th, 2007 Activists from BinaryFreedom and BadVista crashed a Vista promotional party in Boston. $10 in stickers were distributed, 55 gnewsense CDs were given out, and 100 of our flyers ended up around town on lightposts or people. Microsoft wasn't able to pitch their product because people at the lecture knew the truth! They said no to proprietary software! Thanks to everybody who showed up."


Having a "Wow moment" with Windows Vista? Bill Gates invites you to share them on Monday January 29th at the Vista launch event.

FSF's DefectiveByDesign and BadVista campaigns plan to be there outside the event and they invite you to come along as well.
According to the email announcement sent to the mailing list, " and are organizing events to coincide with Microsoft's launch of the Vista Operating System in New York City on Monday, January 29th at 11am and 2pm in Times Square and further east near Grand Central Station" to "share some “Wow moments,“ with Bill Gates and other invited guests."