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As Google launched the latest content ID tool for YouTube which they describe as "the next step in a long list of content policies and tools that we have provided copyright owners so that they can more easily identify their content and manage how it is made available on YouTube", PublicKnowledge expressed concerns on the effect this could have on fair use rights and overall free flow of information on the internet, in an article titled: "Google Blinks, and Today the Internet is a Little Less Free".

"Stephanie Lenz’s 29-second video shows her son bouncing along to the Prince song ‘Let’s Go Crazy playing in the background.
She wanted to share it with other folks around the world so she uploaded it to YouTube, just like thousands of other proud parents have done."
"Big 4 organised music cartel member Vivendi Universal claimed the recording infringed a copyright."

"And you can barely hear the song."

"Now the EFF is supporting the home-movie mum in a free-speech lawsuit it filed today against Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG)." -- Read more

"Giving the content cartel everything they want may well keep the lawyers away, but it may also destroy the value of the site. It legitimises corporate blackmail and may even help to persuade legislators that the copyright system isn’t broken enough to need fixing, letting them ignore other approaches.

One such approach is Creative Commons, a global project which tries to make copyright and licensing a lot simpler and clearer so that sharing and creative reuse are encouraged." -- Read more