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This part of is dedicated to providing some resources that will help you understand software patents and why should you oppose them as well as provide a way that you can support the fight against software idea patents. If you are new to the term you might want to check the definition and then continue by exploring the links provided below in order to learn more.

If you want to support the fight against software idea patents the best way to start is to visit the following pages and sign the petition:

Europe petition
USA petition


"Software Patent" defined at wikipedia

Why software shouldn't be covered by patents?
Software and software patents
Software patents: Who Pays and Who Plays
Software patents: "A really bad idea"
Richard Stallman: Software patents victimise developers
Software Patents: Obstacles in software development (by Richard M. Stallman)
The non-patent side of software patents (slideshow)
Patently Absurd
Software's game of mutually assured damage
Richard Stallman: How to fight software patents - singly and together

Richard Stallman on Software Idea Patents (recent response)


Foundation for a free information infrastructure (

Eurolinux Alliance
Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) Patent busting project




Visit "How can you help us stop software patents" page by FFII and follow their instructions.

Sign the petitions:
Europe petition | USA petition

Link to this page:
If you have a website you can use these images and link them to in order to support this anti software patents resource

No to software patents
No to software patents
No to software patents
No to software patents
No to software patents | No to software patents | No to software patents | No to software patents

To download an image right-click on it and choose "Save Image As..", then simply choose the location you want to save it to and hit save.

NOTE: There may be a contest on for the best designs for certain types of anti software patents banners (button, skyscraper etc.). The best banner will rotate on top of the pages and the winners may be awarded with free e-mail address and subdomain. Please "stay tuned"!

Permission to use these images for the purpose of supporting the fight against software patents is granted without the need to ask, even if they don't link directly to this page.

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