privacy policy

Since this is a community portal, the flow of information is understandable. In order for you to feel safe and comfortable while browsing and using our site we have developed this privacy policy in order to give you the full control over the information we may collect from you. If you have any questions regarding this policy feel free to contact the webmaster via the contact form provided on this site.

Data Collection

The data that is collected on can be divided into the following groups:

Statistics information:

In order to monitor and analyze the statistics of our site so that we can be able to manage it more efficiently we collect the data such as the number, time and duration of visits, page views, which instances of the site were visited, domain names and IP address of the visitors, referrers, operating system and browser used for visiting and visitor search phrases. This information is anonymous and cannot personally identify the visitor. Besides statistic analysis the data may additionally be used only in anonymous user analysis and profiling. The data will be used only by webmaster and administrators.

Registration Information:

The registration information is collected only if the anonymous visitor decides to register. This information will then be required in order to complete the registration and may further be used in identifying the registered user for the purpose of user administration and additionally user analysis and profiling. It may on the user's option also be used to contact the user for certain notices. The information required are the e-mail address and the user name and password which they are able to choose on their own and which serve as their unique identifiers. This data will be used only by the webmasters and administrators. The users are able to choose if they will make their e-mail address publicly available or not.

Optional Information:

This information is not required and may be provided and also deleted by our users by their choice. It includes their real name, country, home page, instant messaging addresses and their personal preferences data. administrators and webmasters are not responsible for the content of this data. Once provided it may be used by the webmasters for the research and development purpose and/or user analysis and profiling. However, users are able to opt out of these purposes at any time by contacting the administrator or removing the information. Additionally, this data will be publically available through member searches.

Site content:

Similarly to the optional information identified above, content information is provided by the choice of the site users and is not responsible for it's content nor for the revealing nature of it in regard to the users personally identifiable information. Site content posted by our users may be used for research and development purposes as well as user analysis and profiling. It will also be available to the public as a valuable resource for the open source/free software community. The content publishing is governed by the rules and conditions for the certain type of content such as forum posts, blogs or articles, that are set by the administrators. This information may be permanently or indefinitely preserved.


Cookies are a technology which can be used to provide you with tailored information from a Web site. A cookie is an element of data that a Web site can send to your browser, which may then store it on your system. You can set your browser to notify you when you receive a cookie, giving you the chance to decide whether to accept it.

Our site makes use of cookies in order to provide a better service and additionally as an aid to the click-stream data collection for statistics information. We divided the cookies used into two types:

Anonymous cookies:

Anonymous cookies are used to aid server logs in collecting a click-stream data for statistic analysis and anonymous analysis and profiling purposes. The nature of the data that may be stored or referred to by these cookies is the same as in the identified statistics information above. That data cannot personally identify the visitors. The only recipients of this data are the site administration and webmasters.

User cookies:

These cookies apply only to the registered members of and are set upon the registration. Since you have the choice whether to register or not, these cookies are of optional nature. However, these are required for all registered users in order to provide a pleasant and fully functional service and experience of The information stored in these cookies include only unique identifiers for remembering your login and other information that may be required for completion of certain site user's activity's such as filling a contact form, submitting an article or posting on forums. It is also used for administration purposes and providing an option of customizing the user experience (notification options, forums view options etc.). Additionally, these cookies may contain some user click-stream information that might be used for user analysis, profiling and research and development purposes. This will be used only by the administrators and webmasters of


In order to ensure you that we will stand behind this policy in our actions we are  inviting you to contact us if any breech of this policy is detected. We will fix the error we made as soon as possible.


This policy applies only to the pages accessible under the domain and is valid only for the It does not cover nor it is valid for any third party we may have a relation with such as the advertisers or third party services that may be implemented in the future. For the privacy policies of those providers visit their web sites or contact them through the appropriate contact form on their web site. may feature banner and text link advertising as part of advertising networks. Some of these advertisements may have cookies to track click-stream data for statistic analysis purposes. These cookies are not covered by this policy. For the policy covering these cookies, visit the web sites of those advertisers or contact them through the appropriate form on their web site.

We retain the right of modifying or changing this policy as we change our data handling practices. We will post the changed version of this privacy policy here on this site if and when the changes occur.