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net neutrality

It has finally come full circle. There was a problem, whether perceived or real. Corporations were seen as intending to ruin the level playing field on the internet by starting to prioritize certain types of traffic over others. We feared that before we know it access to small and lesser known web sites and businesses that they represent would be slower and worse than access to more popular and larger web outlets. We feared that the wealthy would end up cornering the online market while completely shutting off small business.

Internet should never be regulated by the government and this is just the beginning of examples of all the ways it could go wrong.

From the article: "The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) wants rules to prevent providers blocking or slowing down bandwidth-heavy usage such as streaming video. Providers claim a two-tiered system is essential for the future vitality of the net.

Considering that I am a voluntaryist (or for the newbies to the term; a left libertarian, or anarcho-capitalist) I am by default against any and all legislation. Still it's good to offer arguments behind why is a particular legislation bad and I've found an article which explains why would the net neutrality regulation be bad:

The Great Firewall of Net Neutrality.

Introduction to Freedom

If you want to know what freedom is, read on, we will define freedom and explain some of the important issues regarding its preservation in our society, which we believe you should care about. We will also try to shed some light around some of the common misunderstandings regarding these issues.

When we discuss freedom on (as we so often do one way or another) we are usually talking about rights people should always have and be able to exercise in any situation. In basically all cases the freedom comes down to a rather simple and easy to understand principle: