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social networking

Increased popularity of digital socializing to the seeming detriment of physical socializing has some concerned. On the other hand, it is just a symptom of an ongoing gradual merger of human and technological. Becoming dependent on a yet another new technology to change the way we do something? We've done that so many times before. is an innovative and unique project since it does not distribute music files but it acts as a middleman among those who are willing to share their music - by enabling other Internet users to listen to it.
People having a particular piece of music on their hard disk can broadcast it to only one listener at a time, and it cannot be copied by saving to the disk of another user.

It's important that we remember what makes the Internet so interesting and unique. There are two crucial characteristics:

  1. It's fundamentally decentralized, meaning you can cut out any part without affecting the rest,
  2. It allows freedom of access, meaning you have the same ability to access and write it as anyone else.

Because they permit extraordinary flexibility and rapid growth, both of these characteristics have brought the Internet way beyond any other network. Today, they are endangered. How come, and what can we do about it?

No matter how meaningful or meaningless the term "Web 2.0" may be, it is almost always about putting power into the hands of the user. Many of these sites are good examples of that, so the link seems worth adding.