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I love books, but find it can be difficult to read more than one at a time. This means that there are many books that I make a mental note to read; a kind of book interest queue. I work the queue when I next get a chance. One challenge is that my mental book queue often exceeds my capacity for good recall. There are also many books that I have read that have made some positive contribution to my life. These special books drive me to share the experience with others.

hello to all friend,
i am ur new friend at libervis and work as freelance seo/sem for different companies and clients on internet. But now-a-days working for Vertx System LLC. for Mr.Anowar Shahjahan.

At some point, in the relatively soon future, the average citizen will begin to watch and realize that all of this stuff we call technology, has evolved throughout the ages, into what was needed for a computer system to actually be called the beast to emerge onto the scene as a capable entity, controlling all aspects of everything. And, it all came together from all points to become this thing.

Overview of cryptographic filesystems, some of which have the plausible deniability feature (meaning it cannot be proven the encrypted data exists at all).

Nice basic explanation of QEMU installation, including KQEMU and KVM. Unfortunately my computer doesn't support the latter :/ .