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The Nanotechnology Age is an absolutely fascinating read. As someone who believes that technology is only a natural and even inevitable outcome of simply being human I welcome it with open arms. You cannot deny a human his technology no more than you can deny a flower its bloom.

Video games are taking the place side by side to blockbuster movies. They are the new form of mass media entertainment as the visual realism begins to match that of movies and even the real world. What gives them an edge however is the fact that they are interactive, that not only can you passively experience them as you watch, but participate and influence exactly what you see.

A very interesting paper on the effect of Nano-Bio-Info-Cogno (NBIC) technologies, empowering directed human evolution and transhumanism, on global security. These technologies seem inevitable and allow for powers yet unimaginable for human beings. However as of now most humans don't appear to be ready to handle such power. And this is mainly the problem this paper focuses on.