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web 2.0

Think gOS. It might not be such a bad advice after all. It's been hyped up, but it sold out. And there may be lessons in its deployment and success for all of us Free Software and GNU/Linux advocates!

This is a package of various incredible javascript widgets that could be used for various elements on modern so called "Web 2.0" sites. Check out the demos to see what I mean by incredible.

And the package is Free Software.

Thanks to AndrewB for finding it and sharing the link with me. I might look into some of these scripts and see if some of them could be implemented on our sites for some useful function.


Web 2.0 is us! (video)

I just came across a video that is just absolutely awesome. I am not sure how to describe it. It is a collage of images and text sending such a clear message about the nature of the web. It is very pro Free Culture. Using I got a direct download link so you don't need flash to view it. Smiling


* Link updated to the final version of the video.

No matter how meaningful or meaningless the term "Web 2.0" may be, it is almost always about putting power into the hands of the user. Many of these sites are good examples of that, so the link seems worth adding.

There is some significant symbolic and historical value in the gesture that the popular Time Magazine exercised this month. It may be remembered as one of the signs of historic change for decades to come.