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open source

A recently revised article about the differences between "Free Software" and "Open Source", by Richard Stallman.

Something of relevance to this is the recent controversy developed around the meaning of the term "Open Source" which puts some doubt on whether "Open Source" as a term is really any clearer than "Free Software". The real truth about the term was spelled out by Eric Raymond anyway, it is basically a way to conceal the ideology and purism of FSF.

Is "Open Source" Now Completely Meaningless?

World Domination 201

A controversial document plotting the pragmatic plan towards the "World Domination" of GNU/Linux.

When generally talking about our community and software it builds and promotes, we use various differing terms and acronyms; "Free Software", "Open Source", "Linux", "GNU/Linux", "FOSS", "FLOSS" etc. To outsiders this may seem counterproductive because it confuses people, but in such an open and diverse community ecosystem this shouldn't come as a surprise. Various people hold various perspectives and hence form various views on issues that concern them. Some sort of a polarization is almost inevitable.

(!) This articles has been revised - please read it here! (!)


There is a relation between technology and capitalism. And there is a relation between open source and free software movement and so to be called post-capitalism. What is post-capitalistic society and where are these relations?