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Starting a company, or reestablishing a company by taking the helm, isn't for the weak of heart. It's even harder in tough economic times, when the biggest challenge of all is landing enough sales contracts to keep your business self-sustaining – let alone calling yourself a 'growth company.'


It's the big problem of the net: how do you make money if everyone can access the files you produce for free?

Earning money is not evil, it makes it possible to produce more art or information. It's a waste of talent to need a day job to support what you consider your real work.

It is not enough to have Richard Stallman travel around the world endlessly giving standard Free Software speeches among other things repeating how Open Source is not the same thing as Free Software and how the operating system widely known as "Linux" is actually "GNU/Linux" (because GNU project in fact started that OS). It is not even enough to have Free Software supporters constantly keep pointing these things out and arguing why they believe so.

The Free Software community is without a doubt today an important part of the overall IT business ecosystem. This community counts everyone from individuals to large corporations and is gathered around the common good that is Free Software, licensed under Free Software licenses such as BSD and GPL which also shields this common pool from outside exploitation. Corporations should already be realizing that they have to count with this community and its stance towards them. It is always good to cooperate with this community.

Free Software Model in other Areas of Economy(*)

Authors: Jose Monserrat Neto(1), Danijel Orsolic(2), Ivan Stojic(3)

(1) Computer Science Department - Universidade Federal de Lavras (UFLA)
Lavras - MG - Brazil

(2) - Zagreb - Croatia

(3) Department of Mathematics - Faculty of Science - University of Zagreb
Zagreb - Croatia

rijik [at], libervis [at], ivstojic [at]