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This is something I continue to be genuinely interested in. The credit fiasco that happened in USA and infected the rest of the world, bringing down some of the most powerful and oldest banks in US and some big banks in Europe too, regardless and perhaps even partly because of the just passed bail out in US and other bail outs in Europe, is according to many leading the world towards a global deep recession which some compare even to the Great Depression that started in 1929.

An excellent article about how digital technology allowed whole industries to evolve around providing their content and services for zero cost to the user. The sidebar features are also quite potentially useful.

I would also like to point out to a critique as well as an excellent comment to one of the posts the critique post linked which was aptly titled: "Incredible stupidity relating to online free".

Talking with the leader of the Croatian Multimedia Institute I was referred to Yochai Benkler whose speech he held in the institute I apparently missed. Looking at his website I discovered a book called "The Wealth of Networks" whose title is immediately attractive to me, not to mention it has a kind of sensational ring to it as it reminds of the famous "Wealth of Nations". Smiling

Free Software Model in other Areas of Economy(*)

Authors: Jose Monserrat Neto(1), Danijel Orsolic(2), Ivan Stojic(3)

(1) Computer Science Department - Universidade Federal de Lavras (UFLA)
Lavras - MG - Brazil

(2) - Zagreb - Croatia

(3) Department of Mathematics - Faculty of Science - University of Zagreb
Zagreb - Croatia

rijik [at], libervis [at], ivstojic [at]