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Almost every negative has a silver lining, and almost everything positive probably has some imperfection to it. Most things are somewhere in the middle, understood as generally bad or generally good, but with a significant flip side.

There's a strange contradiction a lot of us fall into with regards to activities typically considered bad habits and signs of personal downfall. What comes to your mind when you think of porn, drugs, gambling, and even online piracy? I hardly even need to ask. As soon as you start going to web sites about either of these things it feels like you're on the dark twisted side of the internet, exposing yourself to something you'd probably rather keep a secret, a dirty little secret. You just hope nobody looks into your search history, because they might become "concerned".

While some politicians would have us believe the crisis is over and we're recovering I think we can never be too sure, at the very least. Respectable people who are widely credited for predicting this crisis (George Celente, Peter Schiff, Ron Paul etc.) are saying there are even worse times to come. Suffice it to say it would probably be a bad idea to go get too comfy right now and think saving and being prepared is no longer so vital.

Just as we may talk about the dangers of future technologies when they are put to some negative uses we can talk about the internet as a present and still largely evolving technology and dangers its negative uses pose to other people.

Considering that I am a voluntaryist (or for the newbies to the term; a left libertarian, or anarcho-capitalist) I am by default against any and all legislation. Still it's good to offer arguments behind why is a particular legislation bad and I've found an article which explains why would the net neutrality regulation be bad:

The Great Firewall of Net Neutrality.