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hello to all friend,
i am ur new friend at libervis and work as freelance seo/sem for different companies and clients on internet. But now-a-days working for Vertx System LLC. for Mr.Anowar Shahjahan.

It's important that we remember what makes the Internet so interesting and unique. There are two crucial characteristics:

  1. It's fundamentally decentralized, meaning you can cut out any part without affecting the rest,
  2. It allows freedom of access, meaning you have the same ability to access and write it as anyone else.

Because they permit extraordinary flexibility and rapid growth, both of these characteristics have brought the Internet way beyond any other network. Today, they are endangered. How come, and what can we do about it?

It's the big problem of the net: how do you make money if everyone can access the files you produce for free?

Earning money is not evil, it makes it possible to produce more art or information. It's a waste of talent to need a day job to support what you consider your real work.

Computing Our Liberty: May 2005