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free software

Short and clear page about microsofts 3$ software initiative, and why freedom is more important than price.

Open OEM

OpenOEM wants to build a 100% libre computer, both hardware and software!

Let's break this thick glass once and for all. Patching free operating systems like GNU/Linux with proprietary pieces is not mandatory for world prevalence. And it sure is not mandatory for basic functioning of the system anymore either, so you can't exactly use the "RMS used proprietary UNIX to build GNU" argument anymore. We have the complete Free OS. We have three of them. Now we have to go further and build a market around them, on our own or with help of others. We have to do it either way.

1. Mixing oil with water: the prevalence of a mixed operating environment

This is the promised followup to the recent article which basically establishes significant flaws in execution of the World Domination 201 plan which by all means seems to have started. The flaws are in the nature of the business model employed by the company who is apparently supposed to play a crucial role in this plan, Linspire.

A list of some nice Free Software for your mobile phone, if it supports installing software. Smiling