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free software

One of the active bloggers on Libervis Blogs, Charles Schulz is writing a three part article series examining the Free Software community and relationships between users and developers. He is asserting that the notions of "users" and "developers" are highly irrelevant.

As suspected, the criticizing position statement by Linux kernel developers on GPLv3 which calls for the termination of the GPLv3 process is stirring the pot. Free Software foundation has issued a response claiming that the recent discussion brought some misleading information and tried to address and clarify it.

A group of important Linux kernel developers have recently published a position statement on GPLv3, as reported by Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols in a story with a rather alarmist title: "GPLv3 could kill open source, top Linux dev's warn". In truth, the goal is exactly and essentially just the opposite.

What is a Free Culture

Before talking about Free Culture we should establish some kind of a definition of Free Culture, in that it would seem logical we should first define "culture" and then identify what it is that makes this culture to become a free one. It is not an easy task regarding the term "culture" tends to mean various things in several contexts of use. However, if we look at some most common contexts we can see what culture in general may consist of and reach a better understanding of what it is, and in the end, what turns it a free one.

Electronic Piracy

Electronic Piracy
Technology as a Means to Freedom, Justice, and Anarchy

By Punkerslut

"If you're good enough, anything/everything is free..." -- P85

Part 1 - Setting the Stage

"Only the rich can get justice; only the poor cannot escape it."

-- Henry Demarest Lloyd, ["Lords of Industry," by Henry Demarest Lloyd, 1910, chapter 1.]