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Talking with the leader of the Croatian Multimedia Institute I was referred to Yochai Benkler whose speech he held in the institute I apparently missed. Looking at his website I discovered a book called "The Wealth of Networks" whose title is immediately attractive to me, not to mention it has a kind of sensational ring to it as it reminds of the famous "Wealth of Nations". Smiling

What is information?

But let us first define information.
One of the best and most clear definitions i\'ve found is that information is \"knowledge acquired through study, experience or instruction\". So basically, information is knowledge. It is a \"know-what\", \"know-where\", \"know-when\", \"know-how\" and know-why. When the one knows something it has an information.


The purpose of this article is to determine if the possibility of free software movement causing a new post-capitalistic society exist. In order to answer that question we are going to follow these steps:

- Define capitalism
- Define it's problems
- Focus on information technology and determine if and why is capitalism handling it improperly
- Determine the relations between capitalism and free software movement
- Can and how can free software movement cause a new "post-capitalist" society?

What is capitalism?