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I love books, but find it can be difficult to read more than one at a time. This means that there are many books that I make a mental note to read; a kind of book interest queue. I work the queue when I next get a chance. One challenge is that my mental book queue often exceeds my capacity for good recall. There are also many books that I have read that have made some positive contribution to my life. These special books drive me to share the experience with others.

In this article I explain why I think a popular perception of technology as at odds with nature is false.

Just as we may talk about the dangers of future technologies when they are put to some negative uses we can talk about the internet as a present and still largely evolving technology and dangers its negative uses pose to other people.

This is something I continue to be genuinely interested in. The credit fiasco that happened in USA and infected the rest of the world, bringing down some of the most powerful and oldest banks in US and some big banks in Europe too, regardless and perhaps even partly because of the just passed bail out in US and other bail outs in Europe, is according to many leading the world towards a global deep recession which some compare even to the Great Depression that started in 1929.

I still define liberty as a state of being in which you're free to do "whatever floats your boat as long as it doesn't sink mine". From my perspective this reflects non-aggression or non-coercion and obviously requires tolerance. It is predicated on the belief that even while you believe others to be wrong about their beliefs and their acts to be evil, you would not interfere by force if they don't initiate force on you or anyone else.